The one with the plants in the boxes







This year, the Benakeio Phytopathological Institute celebrates its 90th birthday. To mark the occasion, we have designed a reusable pavilion based on a modular system that can be easily transported. It will be used to host and highlight BPI’s work showcasing their research methods and philosophy.

Our structure is made up of individual pieces that can be disassembled and reconnected in different ways. Each synthesis is defined by the surrounding area, the exhibits, even by each of the four different seasons. The adaptability of the proposal allows it to be assembled in different spaces, zeroing out its footprint from disposable materials and pieces.Our proposal is shaped by two main synthetic tools: the “Lightbox” and the “Exhibition Ribbon.”

The “Lightbox” is a box that, when assembled, has dimensions of 1.00m x 1.00m x 0.20m. It has holes on the sides that can be connected to other boxes to create larger surfaces of different heights and widths. This way, exhibits can be placed in the ideal spot to be accessible for the visitor. To provide vivid elevations, we have designed the boxes as showcases – small greenhouses capable of hosting live plants during the exhibitions. The final result is always different, depending on the season and the region where the hosted plants are chosen.The “Exhibition Ribbon” consists of wooden surfaces that can be connected in various combinations. Each combination provides the desired space needed for each occasion. The “toolbox” also has three higher podiums that elevate smaller objects to the ideal height for the visitor.At the end of each exhibition, the construction gets disassembled into individual pieces that can fit into a conventional minivan for transportation.”