The one with the adaptive lighting




Τhe one with the adaptive lighting


150 sqm





We were challenged to design the new HQ for an emerging data science company, in the heart of Aithrio, the oldest office –  market complex of eastern Europe.

A multipurpose open space area was created, accessible from ground level, designed to enhance productivity and makes users happier as they slide through their day. The whole area is illuminated by a sophisticated ceiling with a variety of lighting options to adapt on different working occasions while glowing the character of the company.

The biggest part hosts hotdesks of six and worktables for the occasion of collaborative projects.

At the back, we have designed a dedicated tech laboratory where the hardware team works on the hardware that the company provides.

At the left wing, there are dedicated desks of the c- level executives, these desks are accompanied by a lounge area and a meeting room.

At the back of the open plan arrangement we have added a more private area. The office provides a fully functional kitchenette, which encourages people to keep junk food away from their everyday office routine. Next to the kitchenette, a two person phone booth is placed which provides privacy for the everyday digital meetings.

We kept the glass facade, installing  mirror membranes on it, which let in the natural light while increasing visual privacy at the working areas.